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Tony Benn's Defining Moments DVD cover

Tony Benn's Defining Moments

Tony Benn was a great chronicler of his times and in this final chronicle of his life he reflects on the moments that defined his political and personal life experiences. This programme uses interviews recorded over time and an exclusive wide ranging final conversation in his later years together with unique, unseen family and personal film archive to chart the defining moments in his long political life.

This DVD also includes the programme "Against The Tide", made in 1990 to accompany Tony's diaries between 1973 and 1976.

This DVD is region free (Region 0).

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Johnny's New Kingdom DVD cover

Johnny's New Kingdom (Two Discs)

Johnny Kingdom wants to develop a wildlife haven on his beloved Exmoor. But where to start? In each programme Johnny heads off to a different part of the country - either to find out more about an animal that he knows is already on his land, like badgers and wild boar, or because he'd like to see if he can attract new wildlife to it, like hares and dormice. It's a dream come true for Johnny and a massive project, but one he's determined to see through to the end.

This DVD is Region 2.

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Johnny Kingdom - A Year On Exmoor DVD cover

Johnny Kingdom - A Year on Exmoor (Two Discs)

Johnny's exceptional skill as an amateur cameraman and narrator results in a TV series that is funny as well as moving; a unique document of rural life, and of the wildlife on Exmoor.

This DVD is region free (Region 0).

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Peter Scott - A Life with Birds Cover

Peter Scott - A Passion for Nature

The story of Peter Scott, one of the first men to see the dangers threatening wildlife, and one of the first men to do something about it.

A sixty-minute documentary film containing unique archive provided by Philippa Scott

This DVD is region free (Region 0).

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